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William, Linanne Homes

[A Prettier Potty Covers] look great and the neighbors are all very thankful.  I appreciate you getting to these so quickly, and the logo is a nice touch. 

bea, ywh inc

We could not have hoped for better customer service or a better product. You went above and beyond our expectations. You have been absolutely delightful to work with.

Dominic, simonini homes

"We are getting a ton of compliments  on our Prettier Potty Cover! Thank you very much." 

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Winner of

"Everything but

the Kitchen Sink"

in the LNHBA's

Best of the Lake

Design Competition

Why we won:

"Due to the luxe home being built, the cover met the client's demands for an elegant, lightweight cloak with their builder's logo affixed. The resulting cover design offers a neat and polished appearance at the building site while creating goodwill with the neighbors."